Inshore snapper bash

Have been hitting the inshore reefs off OR for a few months now looking for snapper but have not had any luck apart from the odd shark. Went out Friday night with low expectations but confident that sooner or later the snapper would decide to make their way inshore. I anchored on sand near a bombie about 4.30pn and started the burley trail going with a chicken from IGA, pellets soaked in tuna oil and mulie pieces. Got my first run at 5 and up comes a just size Dhu which I  returned.   The SSW started blowing up which made conditions ordinary but it just looked fishey. Then the sharks came which I think were black tip reef sharks and I hauled one in after the other for about 30 minutes.   Thinking I had hooked another shark I didn't give much respect to what ultimately was a nice 650mm snapper. In between another few sharks I hooked my second snapper and ended the night at about 6.45pm with sore arms and two snapper on ice. Looking forward to the rest of autumn/winter months to have a good crack at the pinks. 

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nice couple of pinks

Sun, 2021-04-25 15:52

 Persistance pays off in the end.

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 Well done. Sounds like a fun

Sun, 2021-04-25 16:23

 Well done. Sounds like a fun session that ended well


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Mon, 2021-04-26 06:12

 Good fun in shallow water, would have twinged some line at that size.


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 Good stuff! That swell we

Mon, 2021-04-26 07:24

 Good stuff! That swell we had a few weeks ago finally stirred the inshore waters up and they are starting to show up now. Shame about the sharks but i guess it keeps things interesting.


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