Icebox recommendations

 Hi all

I'm looking for a new quality icebox to go on the new boat. Quite specific dimensions to get the biggest I can fit in the space. We will be doing weekenders to Rotto/GI and maybe up to 4 days at a time max, so ice retention is important. Boat has a small fridge for food items - this will be a drinks esky.

Any recommendations on brands to look at or one to avoid? We know a good one isn't cheap but I wont even think about that for a second when I pull the first ice-cold beer of the day out of it!


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The Yeti range is very good

Mon, 2020-12-14 13:30

The Yeti range is very good and so is the Evercool range.

The Yeti's are plastic so less scratches to both it and the boat, while the Evercool's are fibreglass so a little more prone to cracking etc. Ive got both and they keep ice for days. But they're not cheap, but few things are that work well I guess.

There's a bloke on here (cant remember his name) that builds esky's and from what Ive heard they are very good, might be what you need if you're chasing a specific size too as the others are mass produced catalogue versions.

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Work for me with block salt ice

Mon, 2020-12-14 14:44


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Mon, 2020-12-14 15:17

Had an evakool for over 20 years and would replace it in a heartbeat if i needed to.  

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 I've also had an evakool for

Mon, 2020-12-14 16:44

 I've also had an evakool for 20+ years but it cost about $600 back then, surely there are eskys out there now that are half the price and nearly as good...


What about another fridge Dave? Second handy, 100L off gumnut...??

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Another evakool here. Handles

Tue, 2020-12-15 18:41

Another evakool here. Handles need to be rivited on again, as do the latches to keep the lid shut. However even without the lid being sealed closed with latches, still keeps ice for days.

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 Yeti for sure! 

Mon, 2020-12-14 17:14

 Yeti for sure! 


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Techni ice

Mon, 2020-12-14 17:15

 Techni ice do a great ice box and have have probably the best insulation on the market, build quality is a lot better than most of the crap you see around. Believe can only buy online. I've had my 70L signature series for about 6 years and is great.



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Vote one for Yeti

Mon, 2020-12-14 17:16

I've got the Tundra 350. It's a massive beast and it weighs a ton when fully loaded. Hasn't had a fish in it yet and it never will. Purely an ice storing device on my boat. My wife's got a Yeti shoulder baggy thing, now that's impressive. You can fill it up with liquid zip it up and turn upside down without a drop of water coming out of it. Cheers for those Krusty......


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 Eva cool all the way been

Mon, 2020-12-14 17:57

 Eva cool all the way been using them for 20 + years and they are still going strong. Block ice and keep them drained. Might be dear to buy but you only buy them once. Love my yeti bottles though great product that works well.

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 The seal under the lid on

Tue, 2020-12-15 09:11

 The seal under the lid on the Yeti is the best I have seen.both yeti and evacool have great ice retention in my experience.

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Techni ice

Tue, 2020-12-15 09:24


Techni ice for me, robust, hold ice for up to a week and have very good range of sizes 

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 What was the brand that used

Tue, 2020-12-15 18:15

 What was the brand that used to advertise here? I got one of their seconds and it is still going strong years later.

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Xtreme Coolers

Tue, 2020-12-15 18:26

if I recall correctly.  Dave was the guys name, not sure if they are still operating?   

I've owned an Evakool 85 litre model for probably 25 years now, very happy with it.



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 Xtreme coolers. Dave isnt

Tue, 2020-12-15 18:23

 Xtreme coolers. Dave isnt doing them anymore. 


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 Thanks everyone for your

Tue, 2020-12-15 18:44

 Thanks everyone for your comments and recommendations.

Thoughts so far - Yeti don't make a decent sized one that suits the spot I've got. Techni ice out of stock of the size I want until late Feb. Evakool is looking most likely as theirs are the right sort of dimensions. It's hard to get the exact dimensions as I'm measuiring multiple planes and some in mid-air because of angles and things. Fairly confident I'll fuck it up! By buying retail I have the opportunity to change it or get a refund.

Boon I was thinking of another fridge so I'll look into that too.

I'll let you know how I get on.


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I have YETI tundra 45

Tue, 2021-01-12 18:17

I have YETI tundra 45 cooler.

We were on vacation and got this cooler from the back of boat. Three days of sun- we still had ice! I have doubts about buying a yeti cooler because they are expensive. I am very pleased with our Yeti. 

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Outer Mark or Kookaburra

Tue, 2021-01-12 19:06



        Outer Mark or Kookaburra for me. Good ice holding. Kept a 20kg box of roughy heads frozen with 10kg ice in a 110L Outer Mark

        for 10 days in march

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 Thanks fellas for the

Thu, 2021-01-14 16:11

 Thanks fellas for the replies. I've got re-measure the space before deciding which to buy. I've had a shoulder op and can't get on board at present but will be able to soon and then I'll work out which way to go. Needs to be a retail buy so I can return it if it doesn't fit.