HYC Harbour Classic

Anyone going in the HYC Harbour Classic on Saturday some good prizes for the heaviest species 

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 Was thinking about it but

Wed, 2021-04-14 10:59

 Was thinking about it but I've got a bloody wedding to go to!

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I am in

Wed, 2021-04-14 15:59

 Bring on a fat breaksea cod for me....


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 How did it go?Any weights on

Sun, 2021-04-18 18:56

 How did it go?

Any weights on the biggest of each species?, always interesting to hear.

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Sun, 2021-04-18 19:29

Saw these on FB

        Senior and Junior

Baldy 3.05 and 2.46

Breaksea 1.7 and 0.875

Dhu 9.97 and 8.78

Flathead 0.609 and 1.34

Herring 0.320 and 0.135

KG 0.78



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 Cheers Tim

Sun, 2021-04-18 19:46

 Cheers Tim