Help from Pilbara Pirates?

Hi guys.

Have a character named Dan T Cook,

commin out from the USA to fly fish his way around Oz, who's landed in Sydney about today I think...and going to make his way out West to fish with me down here in Mandurah as part of his intended 5 or 6 weeks fly fishing the WA coast up to Broome - then Darwin...

This is the post he made at my website!

G'day WA fisherpersons! Shann suggested I join the forum and start getting to know the community. I will be traveling through WA in mid- to late-October as part of a 2 year, around-the-world fly fishing expedition. My trip is primarily “do-it-yourself” while relying on local fly fishermen (and women!) to suggest places and techniques. I gladly accept offers to fish with local enthusiasts who are kind enough to “show me the ropes” at the local fishing spots. In return, I’ll pick up the beers afterward.

I am currently 2.5 months into the trip (I'm posting this from the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska) and can say that this is already the adventure of a lifetime! The fishing has been incredible, but equally significant are the wonderful, generous and interesting people that I have met along the way. The outpouring of assistance from Aussie rodders has already been overwheming and I can hardly wait to start the Oz portion of the trip.

I welcome all suggestions for places to fish, species to pursue, fishing clubs to consult, people to contact, etc. All stories and photos of this adventure will be posted at (the official expedition website) and excerpts will be posted at

Thank you and I look forward to meeting everyone!

I am hoping that any members here from say Carnarvon north - might be able to point Dan and his fiancee` in the right direction for a few fish when they are your neck of the woods later in the month and thru November.

The guys a laugh a minute and a bit of a daredevil - which you'll see if you check out his website - he's on a 2 year oddysey fly fishing around the world...and a mad keen 4wd offroader as well..

Anyway - if any of you can help him out, it would be much approiciated I'm sure, and likely you'll end up immortalised on his website or in his book or whatever!

This is the last I heard from him a week ago.

G'day all!

Thank you for all your recommendations, suggestions and informative tips. We will be arriving in Sydney Oct. 2, and after getting organized, heading to the best fishing Australia has to offer...the WEST Coast!

We are planning on devoting 5-6 weeks to fishing WA. I'll be contacting everyone that has extended an invitation to fish. Thanks again for all the help!

Kind regards,


I'm hoping a few a you guys in Exmouth & Karratha / Dampier can take him under your wing and show him how to catch Barra's outta the creeks etc (Mouth of Johns Creek @ Pt Sampson?)..which I am sure he would just love!

Also I reckon he should fish the houseboat & flying foam Passage etc

Please check out his website - the video of his Dakar Rally 4wd entry is wicked...and if you can help him out up north (Kimberleys as well if anyones from up that far) then send him a email and invite him for a fish please.

I'd like for him to go away with a good idea what Western Australia has to offer in the way of fishing!

Cheers & many thanks in advance!

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For sure

Sun, 2006-10-08 05:00

Mitch and myself are planning a barra trip ourselves in November sometime over the Point Sampson/Headland way Flywest so as soon as we get a plan together we'll jump at the chance of meetin Dan. Catchin up with mitch in Coral Bay on monday so i'll run it by him and get back to ya.I'll get onto Dans site for a squiz and let him know.
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Fantastic guys

Sun, 2006-10-08 11:43

Many thanks indeed, Dans a great guy - and I'm sure some local knowlege will help him get to see WA's Fishing at it's best!

I spoke again with him Friday and he was stuck in Sydney waiting for his 4wd to clear customs on Monday before he heads this way!

Dan's an accomplished angler, but you know how it can be, when your in a foreign country, - you can drive right past the best fishing without ever knowing it!

Even if you can't take him out, - if you can point him in the right direction, hook him up with a good local charter guy or the houseboat in flying foam passage etc - I am sure he's a good enough angler to catch fish - his difficulty will be in knowing where to invest his precious time & energys for the best results..

6 weeks to fly fish all of WA is really only a sampler of what the state has to offer, but I do hope he will go back to the USA and be able to explain to his countrymen, just what we have here in the way of unique fishing locations, species and opportunities.

Cheers again for your help!

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