Good avo on sharks

sunday night we decided to go out to the first reef of mandurah at 3pm. we started fishing and saw this dark brown neally black figure moving across the water and some one shouted shark. imediatly we started to chuck some cut up mulies in the water and scrambled around to rig up the 150 leader and a big hook with a whole pilchard. me mate casted it out about 15m it hit the water and the waiting game was on a good 10 seconds befor he could get it in the rod holder, we all heard this awsome sound of of the spool spinning, drag working and the rachet going off, lotsa screeming for joy was going on "yes were on", "its heading for china". about 15 minutes it was close enough to see what it was , a hammer head shark. gaff ready the shark was brought to the side of the boat and gaffed now this is were all that time sitting in fron of the tv wathcing wrestling comes into it. after wrestling the shark on the deck of the boat watching our toes for a couple of minutes we managed to get it under control.

We caught hammer head shark(kept) 1 bango(kept), 2 port jacksons huge(released), a wobby/carpet shark (released), 2 eagle rays. disapointing 1 rock cod. and pleny of hook ups but 150 pound leader wasnt enough got bitten through.

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How big

Tue, 2007-01-16 13:12

How big was the hammerhead? I've never eaten a bango or a hammerhead, are they any good eating wise?


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hammers are great to eat

Tue, 2007-01-16 15:51

hammers are great to eat under about 6 foot long - bango's are not worth filleting and the best one is the carpet shark but i see that got thrown back

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to remove the

Tue, 2007-01-16 15:58

to remove the smell from bigger sharks leave them in the esky or a chiller for 24 hours, with head, fins,tail and stomach removed naturally.

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Tue, 2007-01-16 20:27

I believe the smell is amonia (Forgive the spelling)
Head ,tail,gutt & fin them straight after catching & as Feral says on ice for 24 hrs (let riggamortice set in)

I recon that smaller hammers are as good as bronzies....though i dont go for wobbies...i think i got sick of them when i used to crayfish..always stuck in the pots...was always a good neighbour fish.

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the hammerhead shark was

Wed, 2007-01-17 08:21

the hammerhead shark was about 4 foot some of the best shark i have had. yeah cut the fins n tail off and freeze for a couple of days then all the amoniadisapears. the reason the carpet was thron back is because it was only about 2ft and we already had the 2 sharks in the bucket that was enough for us.