Getting smooth drag on abu baitcasters

Abu reels dont have that flash of a drag after a bit of use it starts to go jumpy this is generally cos of water or oil getting into your drag washers, so what i do is pull apart my abu and wash it all in white spirits and dry it to get rid of all the oil, then get some graphite powder and rub it in to all my drag washers, toothbrush helps. Put back together the drag and oil only the parts that need oil and put just enough to lube it, the less oil the better i say, more oil is likely going to endup in your drag. Use a thin oil. Put back together your reel and slowy work your drag pulling line off then tightining it a little and then pull more line off, this will smooth the graphite out in your drag. Now u should have a pretty smooth drag.

Or u can just go buy a better drag, i believe the new abu's like the 6600 instead of the 6500 have a new drag in them, I gotta go check that out soon.

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the new 6500c3 has an

Sat, 2006-12-02 15:21

the new 6500c3 has an upgraded drag that would probably pull about 6-7kg if need be, quite impressive. But cheers for the tips!