Fuel stains? Condensation?


Hey guys, after some advice. Checked the boat this morning and noted these marks. I'm assuming fuel vapours from the overflow thing , given the warm days, which have then condensed on the cover and dripped down the boat?


Haven't used the boat in 2 weeks. Always leave it with full tank. Could this indicate that I am overfilling? Water in the fuel?

it scrubbed off with a bit of dishwashing soap, but don't really want it happening again. 
has this happened to anyone else, and any suggestions on how to avoid? Or if it could indicate bigger problems?



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Likely just expansion

Sun, 2020-09-20 14:13

 If you fill right up on a cool day, and then get it a bit warmer, you will get dribble out the breather. Quite common. I know we all want to fill up right to the top, but it can cause this. Especially noticeable when trailering--if you fill right up then take off on a long trip, the agitation will cause expansion, and you'll quite possibly be dribbling fuel down the road as you go. If I am going somewhere with the Reefie, I'll be about two thirds/three quarters full when I leave, then top off at an intermediate destination, fresh off the road. So I know the fuel already in the tank has expanded already, and the top off will likely not cause the breather to dribble. 

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 Good tips. Reckon I will

Sun, 2020-09-20 20:41

 Good tips. Reckon I will start doing the same. Hadnt really considered it as last boat was always in the garage and got this one at beginning of winter.

thanks for the advice!