fishing in walpole ? inlet

im going for a holliday there in late december i was wond3ering if there was much fish life or crabs or really can any 1 tell me wats in there ? :P ^.^

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Heaps of different fish

Mon, 2006-11-13 12:28

Therer are heaps of different fish in the Walpole inlet. From black and silver bream,skippy,sand and king george whiting, herring, gardies, flathead and probably a few more. I've caught small gummy sharks in there as well. I know a friend who caught a salmon from the jetty at the Rest Point Caravan Park once. Best gear to use is light tackle most of the time.
So get out there and enjoy, doesn't matter if you fish from the shore or boat. Heaps of options.

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Happy hunting.

Mon, 2006-11-13 12:40

If your keen for a feed of black bream i suggest you target the shallow flats around the mouth of the Nornalup inlet which is the larger of the two. The walpole is actually the one in front of the townsite, both join up through the knoll which is where Rest Point sits. When you head up near the mouth can fish back on the flats both sides of the channel and look for small banks of weed. Use fresh river prawns with running sinker. Water should be clean again by now but not sure. What dates are you down again. My mate is heading down on the 16/17/18th of Nov. He can show you a few spots!!

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sorry mate im going downt

Wed, 2006-11-15 15:53

sorry mate im going downt there on boxing day