Fishing dunsborough and surroundings

Well im heading down to dunsborough this friday night and staying till Monday.

Fishing from dunsborough to yallingup and margarat river

Can anyone recomend me some really good spots to fish either on this thread or via PM?

One spot i know and love is canal rocks and i will be fishin that spot forsure.

Any help is muchly appreciated


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Hey Marc, I was in eagle bay

Mon, 2008-05-26 11:31

Hey Marc,

I was in eagle bay last weekend and cleaned up on Salmon using Halco twisty's and Richter Plugs. I suggest you try there as it's been very productive for salmon.

Mitchell Rocks @ Injinup Bay produce great tailor when the swell is low aswell a Salmon.

Castle Rock in Dunsbrough also has some very deep water of the point with the odd snapper and sambo being pulled out of there. 

Smiths Beach is a great Mulloway spot at night. I have caught several from this beach.


Hope that helps on your adventure mate Wink

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Mon, 2008-05-26 18:32


Those Richter chisel plugs are great...simple as and cast a country mile. So far, have only caught salmon on the white colour, have you had any luck with the green or the pink?

Also, the best retrieve (for me anyway) is flat out across the surface...have you got them using different retrieves?

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Hey Scott, Yeah the Ricther

Mon, 2008-05-26 18:51

Hey Scott,

Yeah the Ricther Plugs I have been using have all been white. I have had success with other colours up north but down south the white ones have only been the one's with success.

As far as retrieves go I like to give 5 to 6 fast winds then stop for a few seconds and then 5 to 6 fasts winds again. I have had some success with this method, I also use the flat out method like yourself and do quiet well.

Nice to meet someone with the same name and the same intrests!


Have a good one :)