Fisherman saved by stranger off Albany coast

A CANADIAN tourist is believed drowned and another man has been saved in separate incidents near Albany.

At 1pm yesterday, the tourist, 23, fell into the sea at Caves Point Blowholes. Rescuers were still searching for his body last night. On Friday, a man was rescued from treacherous seas by two strangers and a flotation device. The 29-year-old man was swept into the water while fishing from rocks at Salmon Holes at 5.20pm. P

assersby attempted to help by throwing him a life buoy. But when the buoy drifted away, Albany man Reynold Williams, 19, jumped in and passed it to the flailing man. Ball-shaped buoys were installed at the popular fishing spot after Nathan Drew, 15, drowned there in September 2003.

Lareena Woods, the sister of Mr Williams' girlfriend, also jumped in to help the man. "He was about 200m from the rocks. I brought him in a fair way, but I had to let him go because I was getting dunked and worn out myself,'' she said. The man suffered mild hypothermia and shock and was taken to Albany Regional Hospital. Mr Williams was treated for water in his lungs.,21598,23414666-2761,00.html 


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Be careful

Mon, 2008-03-24 16:39

Just a reminder to be very careful when hunting salmon off the rocks this season. Your life isn't worth risking, think about things twice before making the decision to fish an area. Also always consider an exit strategy, which way the current may be moving and how to get out of the water just incase a big wave does wash you in.




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holy s#$% me and a couple of

Mon, 2008-03-24 18:09

holy s#$% me and a couple of mates were at the salmon holes on saturday from 11 to 4 and were fishing off the rocks...herd about that at 11 at night. a bloke was also telling me that at roughly 7pm friday night 3 ppl had to be saved there... mind you before i started fishign off the rocks i watched the water for a good half an hour and made sure were i was standing wasnt gonna get wet...

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certainly a good investment

Mon, 2008-03-24 18:32

certainly a good investment would be one of those self inflating pfd vest or bum belt ones you dont know your wearing one and it could help save your life I am a good swimmer but I invested in one of the automatic ones last year money well spent in my mind

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