Finally my first size dhue on the new boat

 After my sons and my own covid lock downs we finally got out this morning for a snapper bash. Got down to woodies just after 5 and headed out to an area on the 5 that I have had some recent luck. Lost 2 Riga early wasn't ontop of sand so was a little bit worried, got a couple of pike I hate them bastards. Things went abit quiet but then just as the sun was poking over the horizon I got a bite on my brand new saragosa 6000 fish was going pretty hard and jerking around so I called it for a snapper and asked my son to get the net. After 3 nice runs got him to the surface and was stoked to see a nice size dhue, handy in 13m fish went 68cm. Had another run 20mins later and my son ran over and grabbed the rod only to get bitten off straight away, not sure if it was a shark or just them bloody pike damaging the leader earlier. Came in to a pot off the back of Garden island and got 4 crays to add to the bag. 


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Good doogs

Sun, 2022-05-01 15:24



all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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 Well done. Nice eating size

Sun, 2022-05-01 15:25

 Well done. Nice eating size and to top it off with crays is a bonus 


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Nice one Guy, got one up on

Sun, 2022-05-01 17:28

Nice one Guy, got one up on the young bloke finally

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 Awesome bag Guy, you'd have

Sun, 2022-05-01 18:24

 Awesome bag Guy, you'd have to be stoked with that. A few tasty crays to top the day off. 

Pike go alright cooked fresh. 


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Sun, 2022-05-01 21:27

Good feed. I like eating the ocean pike there pretty good .

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 Know the feeling- some nice

Mon, 2022-05-02 11:03

 Know the feeling- some nice fillets there.


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Good .

Mon, 2022-05-02 11:50

Good day there mate .
cheers pirate  

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 Thanks guys, the pike are

Mon, 2022-05-02 13:05

 Thanks guys, the pike are easy to fillet no bones big long slab of meat. I just hate their teeth and with the burley going sometimes it hard to get the bait past them. 


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very nice! i have found the

Mon, 2022-05-02 13:07

very nice!

i have found the pike  make awesome bait as well.