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Gday fellas

Im heading to Exmouth soon and just chasing some advice on where to fish for the light stuff from shore. Ive been there before but mostly fished from boat. Ill be taking the bream gear so would like to spend a day or 2 fishing for the smaller trevs and jacks etc.

Also what lure's would u recommend? I have an assortment of the usual bream SP's and HB's would i need anything else?


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Stocked up

Tue, 2007-01-30 17:04

As long as your stocked up with an assortment of lures you should be right. The bundegi flats along the boat ramp often has schools of fish swim past, heard of some good size queenies landed from there along with trevs etc. Another top spot is the Mildura wreck, do a bit of exploring and theres some great rock platforms around the corner where you can land spanglies and all sorts of ooglies.

Also seen some good fish landed from the marina rockwall, including an estuary cod that had about 5 rigs hanging out of his mouth, hooks everywhere. Even been told you can get jacks in there, saw some small to medium bluebone last time we were there launching the boat. But it really is a suprise packet from there, never know what will swim through. If you can be bothered head to the end of the wall and cast towards the boating marker pole, sounded over it last time and theres a little bit of structure there which had fish hanging off it, a local told me you get the occasional monster spangly. Be really interested to hear how you go, can't wait to get up there myself!



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Cheers Adam Ill be sure to

Tue, 2007-01-30 17:48

Cheers Adam

Ill be sure to stock up before i go thats for sure. Half the fun i rekon! Cheers for the locations, should be good for when/if its too windy to take the boat out.

Ill let u know how i go :)


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Will be there in about 3

Tue, 2007-01-30 18:48

Will be there in about 3 weeks so will let you know. lol