Exmouth 2014



Just got back from Exmouth, went up with a good group of mates. Even after the rain ocean was clear and fish were on, when we could get out. 


Spent the first day driving around the gulf getting drunk, catching fish but nothing of any decent size.


the rains then came and fishing slowed due to weather but safe to say the GT's fired! We landed 13 fish from 19 bites in a 3 hour session landbased. 1 bricking and another set of straightened trebles. Fish ranged from 10kg - 25kg plus.

Smashed a few demersals with a super deep bash, and shallow water jigging and plastics. Personally i found the 11 INCH MUMBA  mcarthys to be dominate on rankin and other demersals. Even managed to hook a small black around 30kg on one in 50m.


Spent about 3 sessions trolling for billfish out of the tinny and managed to go 11-7-5. Biggest black being around the 45kg mark.

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 Hey mate looks like a ripper

Sun, 2014-05-18 09:31

 Hey mate looks like a ripper trip, some good fish there. What beach did u catch the gts on and what tackle did u use, if u dont mind me asking? Heading to exmouth in october so just starting to do a bit of research on good locations. We will be strictly landbased but still looks like great  fishing up there. Cheers mate

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 Hi mate,Cant tell you where

Sun, 2014-05-18 10:48

 Hi mate,

Cant tell you where we caught the GT's all i can say is it was sandy.


Im running a pe10 Hammerhead road with a Stella 18k and YGK Ultra Castman PE8.

Other guys i fished with used Daiwa Catalinas, Daiwa Saltigas, Stella 14k's. Rods used were Temple Reef Reefer 711 (i think) an also a black hole blank. \

Used both stickbaits and poppers with both styles catching.


To find good landbased spots in exmouth be prepared to park the car up and walk a few km's along the beach, hopefully you also have access to a 4X4

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 Cool cheers mate, had a

Sun, 2014-05-18 21:33

 Cool cheers mate, had a feeling itd be some pretty serious gear and I was right haha. Yeh thats fair enough dont expect any1 to give away there hard earned locations, was more after general idea and tackle. 

Not a 4wd as such, have a rav4, found to be quite capable in sand but obviously still limited, happy to walk a decent distance and have read walking the beachs casting is more productive than sit n wait. Got a week there so keen to explore and give the beaches and reefs a go and see what we find, doesnt need to be big gts (altho I wouldnt complain). As it sounds id get smoked on my current setup anyways so if i manage to save for something bigger ill definitely have a go.

Thanks for the info!


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nice one mate.Not too many

Mon, 2014-05-19 19:38

nice one mate.

Not too many people would have hooked a black on a placcy!


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Some top fish there, you

Mon, 2014-05-19 20:01

Some top fish there, you didn't get down to Coral Bay for session?

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Tue, 2014-05-20 15:37

 Quality geet from the shore. Not bad scoring on the blacks from tinny too, well done.


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Great GT from the beach.  

Wed, 2014-05-21 06:12

Great GT from the beach.  



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Been thinking about doing

Thu, 2014-05-22 10:28

Been thinking about doing Exmouth next year and I think with those pics you've just sealed the deal.

Nice robust looking tinny you have there.



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Mind letting us know who made that tinny?

Tue, 2014-06-17 16:30

Mind letting us know who made that tinny?