Custom Deep Drop Rigs

Custom Deep Drop Rigs! 

It’s at that time of year when the wind finally starts to calm down and we start seeing some top conditions to head deep!

We at Southside are making up some extra heavy-duty, custom made deep drop rigs, made from the strongest of components that won’t let you down when targeting those XXL Bass, Hapuku, Blue eye, Grey band, Rubies etc.

These rigs are in-store now for $29.95… and we also stock the flasher lights and sinkers to match! Come through and check them out!


Don't forget Fishwrecked members recieve 10%OFF in-store as well!



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They certainly look the goods

Wed, 2020-03-18 16:29

Look pretty good to me, certainly look heavy enough.

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 They are more than enough

Wed, 2020-03-18 17:10

 They are more than enough thats for sure 


A small store with a big heart.