Crabbing - Peel Inlet

March 7, I spent the day on the boat netting for crabs.  Working on various lines between what I guess is the wind/weather station and into Roberts Bay.

I musty have pulled in 80-100 crabs, maybe more, but only two keepers.  Most were just 1mm short (or less) of being legal. Didnt see any females with eggs - is it too late in the season for that?

Previous years I normally have success there getting plenty of good size crabs.  Is it just luck?  Are the crabs small this year?  How often do they shed there shells?  Well there be more big ones three weeks later?


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 I think with the Swan shut

Sat, 2020-03-21 07:20

 I think with the Swan shut down mandurah has just been flogged this year


 rather be fishing