Coral Bay Boat Ramp


Even the Government can't help but describe it as long-awaited - this from a press release this week:

Tenders have been called for the long awaited new boat launch facility for Coral Bay, to be built at Monck Head, 1.5km south of the town. The facilities will include a service jetty, two boat ramps and a finger jetty.
"After many reviews and consideration of a great diversity of opinion, Monck Head was chosen as the most environmentally acceptable location," Ms MacTiernan said.

"The Government has consulted widely with stakeholders, including boat users, the local community, Carnarvon Shire and relevant Government agencies and in developing the facility design."

"The Environmental Protection Authority has approved the commencement of this proposal, so it is now time to get on with the project."

Onshore facilities including an access road and 100 car and trailer parking bays. Further stages of the development will include toilet and fish cleaning facilities. Work is expected to begin early next year.


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Quick access straight out to

Tue, 2006-11-14 21:56

Quick access straight out to the south passage. Monk head, is that where some of the charter guys depart from?

Jay Burgess

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yep straight around the back

Wed, 2006-11-15 12:01

yep straight around the back of the pub etc.

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