Clening your rod and reel how do u do it ?

Me i personally use a inox soaked rag and wipe my whole reel and rod over each eye and spray a bit of inox were i think needed, inox is good for your rod and reel, gives it a protective coating and gets rid of all the saltwater. Also doesnt scare away the fish or wreck your line.

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Fresh water ,and if your

Sat, 2006-12-02 15:28

Fresh water ,and if your home then use warm soapy water i.e in the shower. I only use inox on my rods when i want to remove a bit of salt build up off the runners/reel seats.

Avoid putting inox on your line, even tho it wont eat line away like CRC or wd40 its my personal opinion that fish still wont like it. Especially since something like braid would absorb it. Great for protecting gear against salt water tho.

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I give the rod a good spray

Sun, 2006-12-03 10:49

I give the rod a good spray with fresh water and the reel a light spray taking care not to drown it.
Then spray lanox on all moving parts of reel and wipe clean with a rag and use same rag to dry rod.
All re-useable rigs get submersed in fresh water.