Broome in July

Hi guys, looking at organising a trip for a week or so up to Broome in July. Probably the week before school holidays start.

Going with the gf, but still as much fishing as I want Wink. Want to go out on the ocean at least 2 days, other days i'll fish from the shore or the jetty. Read a bit of info on what you can catch off the beaches, so compiling a list of what I could catch and where.

Would really like to catch some GT's and wahoos most of all, but also interested in catching some queenfish, threadfin, mackerel, sailfish and mangrove jacks/barra if they are around (not sure on the seasons for them).

Info found so far: cable beach rocks popping for GT's and queenfish. rising tides near creeks for barra, gt's , threadfin. jetty for gt's, queenfish, mangrove jacks at night. mackerel at end of jetty. north of rocks/nude beach on rising tide for threafin. For the creeks, someone recommended willie creek, but what about the one near the broome townsite?

Is there fishing platforms on the jetty or would I need a cliff gaff? For what to use and where to go landbased, talking to tackle shops should yield enough info (and will pick up one of those NW angler magasines).

There are a few things I want to check way before I go which is tides and charters. Not sure what the tides are doing the week i'm going but I think its 'normal tides' at about 6m or so. I'm guessing it shouldnt be a problem fishing most days of the week, but some species prefer differing tides.

The other is I wanted to go out to target some wahoo or something similar like that. I really dont want to go on some charter with 16 other people using alvey winches for bottom fish, so looking for something with only a few people, preferably on a center console type boat for 360 degree fishing casting or trolling lures. Would also like to go GT popping with someone who knows what they're doing. I have the boat gear, but no heavy shorebased gear (unless I use a boat rod which will probably not cast all that far ;) ). I'll be open for a charter to go sportsfishing, but would rather go out with someone from the forums if possible.

Also would be great to catch up with some guys to do some landbased fishing as well (but If I can get out on a boat often, all the merrier). So if any of you guys want to catch up for some onshore/offshore fishing let me know.

Gearwise, I might be a little undergunned for some of the fish up there, probably would take my aspire 4000 with 20lb braid and the nexave southern spin 9'. Thinking of getting a short 6.5-7' or so 20lb rod though to replace one I already have if it will work well. Boat rod is a 50lb combo which should be fine, but may be able to borrow gear depending. How will the 20lb setup go for queenies, GT's, mackerel, etc?. Some recommend 50-80lb popping for GT's, but perhaps thats only for the big fish in certain areas? I also have an emcast 4500 with 30lb fireline but the matching rod is a 12' surf rod which may be too big (plus a little heavy). Other options I have are a 15lb overhead combo, and a 4lb combo (though this seems woefully small for the area :p).

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SPESS is your man

Mon, 2008-05-05 15:05

He lived up there for quite a while and should be able to give you heaps of info if you ask him nicely.


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Mon, 2008-05-05 23:06

I could help you out Matt with the palethera of questions re Broome. I'm fishing the next few days but gives us a call or pop in Friday onwards!


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Sounds like a good excuse to

Tue, 2008-05-06 11:46

Sounds like a good excuse to pop by Laughing (probably saturday friday/sunday)


When it boils down to it I think I just need to know if my gear will be fine and what charters to take (if any, otherwise some forum members boats would be great)




Always interested in someone to go fishing with

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There isnt any fishing

Tue, 2008-05-06 07:00

There isnt any fishing platform at the jetty, or wasnt when I was there. A line guff is needed.

I had never heard of Mangrove Jacks caught from the Jetty.
Grabs some crabs and go 1/4 out on the southern side and chase bluebone on handline.
Tuna and Mackies on the back end , they tend to like lures with a bit of red on them. Cheap metals are good as they love to wrap you around the pylons