boat show

any body been to the boat/fishing show by the causeway yet, is it any good? its $14 to get in

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it was pretty poor went with

Sat, 2008-03-08 19:09

it was pretty poor went with Ben Y they had a couple of small leisure cats,dominator,power cats,fishing gear was only ranger,no dive gear could have done the place in 30 minutes,mandurah show shit over it

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Thanks for the feed back. I

Sat, 2008-03-08 20:40

Thanks for the feed back. I thought it might be as their web site was a little thin of exhibitors.
Might spend the money on another lure.

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Sat, 2008-03-08 21:00


 How long since you been into Ranger CV ?

I remember you mate, but you wouldnt talk to me lol, call in and say g'day I'm sure you'll like the changes I've made since you were in last.

Cheers, Allan.