Bias boating warehouse

Anyone had any dealings with Bias Boating Warehouse?

I bought a bench seat, deck wash and deck tread for $1397 paid. Of this, $80 was shipping - which was part of why I thought yep, let's do it. They contacted lots at the start that the stuff I ordered is no longer in stock and they would send me next model up. Then 2 weeks after purchase they contacted me saying they messed up freight, its another $504 to which they would wear half, so another $240.  I decided that as I was going to Perth 6 weeks later and they offered a refund, that I would take it.

On the 19th of Feb they said they had sent to their accounts team. Since then radio silence, can't get email, can't get a phone call response after leaving msgs and starting to get concerned my money has disappeared given a search on their name (that isn't their website) has dozens of people outlining similar experiences - no product / product delays, incorrect freight costs and then zero contact once they have your money.

Any thoughts on how I can ensure I get my money back as the email doesn't get answered and the phone just goes to msg bank. I think the physical store is Mosman closed a long time ago, which used to be my regular back when I lived in Perth 17 years ago, lol.  Pretty disappointing experience with them.




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Bias boating

Tue, 2024-04-16 18:58

 Gday Adam.


From all reports, BIAS is in receivership again.


The original bias boating that was in Claremont went bust quite a few years ago now (I was working for them)

A Lot of people got screwed by them back then, myself included. And unfortunately it sounds like it has happened again.

I'm unsure who the new owners are, but I have heard rumours a few of the old owners/store managers are involved again.


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 Haha. Exactly the same

Tue, 2024-04-16 20:01

 Haha. Exactly the same situation for me back in 2021. I just scrolled back through emails. Product out of stock and then when it finally arrived they wanted an extra $120 to post it. I got it in the end but took 4 months. 


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Payment dispute

Tue, 2024-04-16 21:05

 Do a charge back dispute on your credit card, quite simple, a few questions and you'll have it back in a few days.

I have done it on a few occasions, notably for $4600 worth of flights during Covid where Air New Zealand wanted to provide credits.

I used the basis that the flights were still operating and they had never contacted me to see whether I was authorised to fly still, simply cancelled.

Did one a few days ago when I cancelled some insurance and the company still deducted my card.


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Not good news at all. I hope

Wed, 2024-04-17 07:42

Not good news at all.

I hope you can get it sorted . I have always been unsure of on line purchasing,  however living In the north west it's a bit tough getting anything at your local without paying through the nose.


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 I wonder if these clowns

Wed, 2024-04-17 08:19

 I wonder if these clowns are/were trading while insolvent. 


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They owe me money from a few

Wed, 2024-04-17 12:17

They owe me money from a few years back. Their resoloution method seems to be that if they ignore the problem it will go away. 

I have accepted the fact that I wont see my money. 



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call your bank ASAP

Wed, 2024-04-17 12:33

and get a reversal done on the transaction. you only have 120 days to do this, so act now mate. 

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Wed, 2024-04-17 17:31

 Thank you gents, dispute lodged with the bank - were at 95 days. They say 35-45 days to assess, but better chance of getting it.


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credit card

Thu, 2024-04-18 16:35

 Adam I allways pay with credit card just for this reason they also give a 12 month warranty if the company wont cover it, those little booklets most people throw away from the bank with their terms and conditions is well worth reading.



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