Best place to buy Alvey gear?

We have been getting onto some nice whiting and other beach species down south.
I think it's time to introduce the mrs to the Alvey life. 

Who in perth has the best range of Alvey rods and reels for sale?

hopefully picture attached to brag  


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Best place to buy Alvey gear?

Sat, 2024-05-11 14:50


You're welcome.


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Sun, 2024-05-12 17:37



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Sun, 2024-05-12 17:37



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Ahhhh ..

Sun, 2024-05-12 17:57

I think ol mate was havin one on

him ... cheers pirate .  

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Mon, 2024-05-13 09:38

 Obviously you don't enjoy or know the pleasure off using alvey gear. 
there is a lot be said about keeping things simple and having the ability to fish light and have the feel that only a well set up alley combination can give is beyond you. 

I asked the question on here thinking there would be some local knowledge about a good display so I can match to what I want. 

yes I can buy online to match my "recipe" for Rod and real setup. I prefer to be hands on as rods can be slightly different to each other. Even if the same build. 

if you have nothing to constructive to contribute, then you should just not bother. 

No Pirate he wasn't "having one on me"!   he was just being a dick. 

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Fair ..

Mon, 2024-05-13 15:11

Fair enough mate .. I'm all out of 

flowers and chocolates .. don't worry bout 

him and move on .. my first reel as a kid 

up north was a Alvey ... once mastered 

they are great too use .. cheers pirate . 

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 Alvey must mean no sense of

Tue, 2024-05-14 06:13

 Alvey must mean no sense of humour.... serious reels for serious fishos.

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 Ring alvey direct good

Mon, 2024-05-13 09:39

 Ring alvey direct good people to deal with I was chasing one of their older reels for use on a speargun and they were a great help.

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Mon, 2024-05-13 17:11

 Hi letsgofishing

They seem to be freely available at Anaconda



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Blue Water and Dad

Wed, 2024-05-15 04:00

 I got all mine from blue water tackle in Morley and my dad.

I have a 9 1/2 inch Rosewood alvey still in use, my dad fished with it when I was 5 for Salmon and Mulloway in South Oz, so 56 years ago and still going strong, I have a 13 foot big black 9 wrap rod we use to winch Snapper up the cliffs at Steep point etc all the way down to a little 4 inch job for exactly what you want one for, but I have mine so don,t know where to get them from now BUT Alvey in Qld is great and fast as I have bought some springs and drag washers from them, they nearly went bankrupt but when the fishing comunity found out they got such an influx of orders they kept the bank from their doors. (easy to pick a blank out and get it made to your prefference for a rod) All my Alvey rods are custom made.


There is no better sound than an Avey ratchet going off with a big Mulloway at night with just a fire and the bugs making the backing track for you on some desolate beach somewhere.

Anyone that has heard that is smiling reading this.







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