bent street boat ramp pedestrian crossing

 Well the council have done it again. They must have some of the dumbest engineers in Australia working for them They have put a cross walk between the two foot path terminations. No thought gone into it. Not a single thought of the blind sopts that you have reversing your boat down the ramp and they have not taken the two big signs on either side of the ramp head. They have also put a launch and retreive sign painted on the concrete< launch on the west side and retreive on the east side. To bad if there is a strong sea breeze blowing and it keeps pushing the back of your boat onto the rock at the edge of the ramp. I have on two occasions asked to have a physical barrier to be put up so that bike riders and predestrans have to slow down before stepping onto the ramp area. What is work with tese highly educated UNiversity graduates that don't see the potentual danger of what they have in place,this is to say nothing of the potential conflit that is bound to occur when the cray run starts and ther are heaps of boats going in and out of the ramp.


Any thoughts on the subject 



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Gold I know exactly

Fri, 2022-10-14 21:43

What your saying .( location). Be worth while watching cray run traffic on a weekend . The whole set up there is crap now . People in cafe take up all trailer parking bays . Rangers do nothing about it . Shit ramp now days

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Dangerous area

Sat, 2022-10-15 07:12

I overlook the area from my house.

I am very concerned when I watch little children running after seagulls from the playground and picnic bbq.


'The cars on Saftey Bay road have no awarnings.

 I would suggest 

speed limit to 40km/hour 

warning signs

encloure children play area from vehicles

warning to pedestrian  hazards, they should avoid reversing vehicles .


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try launching at 0200 whee

Sat, 2022-10-15 15:45

try launching at 0200 whee both the lanes are parked up -either by blokes fishing from the ramp jetty - the sign has been removed that said "no fishing" or by glass pipe users

twice the pipe brigade was there -felt very uneasy leaving my car and trailer after asking them to " please can i have  a space to launch"  paraphanelia on dash of the 1 car 4 blokes piled into the other

combine that with a passage that has silted up so much in 1 month after dredging that the port marker was actually IN the sandbar


thanx rocko council for wasting my exorburant council rates, rocko is one of the highest charging council in the state- even after the commisssion told them they made a mistake , they still charge as per wrong info




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try launching

Sat, 2022-10-15 19:52

 I have to agree with you. i have been down there and have comei at about 10 at night. The bastards are sitting in their cars smoking dope and not giving a stuff about any thing thats going on around them. As to council rates, bloody hell, i'm on a pension now and evry time the rates come i shit my self. As you say one of the highest charging councils around but i suppose they have to have the money for going on their trips over seas ( robbing bastards). And when are they going to build a decent ramp? port kennedy is shit and dangerous in a strong Sw or a big swell, Carlises street hasn't got enough parking and the douglas street ramp sands up and is murder to us with a swell or the sea breeze. But is ok to spend 1'3 million upgrading the point peron ramp. Rockingham get every thing and safety bay stuff all. Christ i hate the bastards at the council.



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Bikers on Sunday

Sun, 2022-10-16 08:53

 I notice few ramp users today , car park almost empty , maybe shallow water access due sand drifts.

Sunday bikers

I just watched maybe 1000 bikers racing/cruise north westbound, on Safety Bay road 0800 till 0900.

'Bikers overtaking each other on the "narrow inadequate " cycle lane between the center island at the bus stop.

Busy Sunday trucks , busses and vehicle  traffic at 60 km/hour.


an accident waiting to happen. Not enough room for the mandatory safety avoidance 1 meter distance from cycles.


I wonder at the WADept of Transport,  "risk assessment "team's  lack of  imagination" when they design public areas.

my observation worries me about accidents.


Maybe police permits and risk assessment, for large cycle events to protect road users.

Credit to the council is due to the park maintenance.

Grass is immaculate and playground equipment is first class for the children.


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 This boating channel at Bent

Mon, 2022-10-17 08:46

 This boating channel at Bent Street was first dredged in 2017 and paid mostly by DoT with council contributing $60k, it was budgeted to dredge 2 years later (2019) but was not required instead they used a land based digger to remove sand from the end of the sand spit at a cost of around $180K. The digger has now been used on 3 occassions up until current date. Dredging completed this year is only the 2nd time.

It is now planned to again dredge out this channel end of this month with work to take 4 weeks.

The cost of building a new ramp in Warnbro Sound is estimated at $15m and needs government approval and would be 5 years away so you can guess the cost then. It is estimated that even the new ramp will require dredging every 3-4 years. but expected to have maintenance costs of over $100k per annum.

I would think that it is far cheaper to maintain Bent st for all its problems than build a new ramp.

The city will need to keep the Pond area open until it has a solution to deal with the storm drain at the end of Forrestor Road discharging into so as not to creat a massive stinking sump.

PS: the city spends more on its annual concert than it does on Bent St.


Tom M