any1 know if you can get a backpack too house your gear when walking to ya favourite spot(if you have to walk)....i dont want to use a conventional b,pack as it can be quite uncomfortable.......any suggestions would be appreciated

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shimano has a new camelback

Tue, 2006-12-05 20:34

shimano has a new camelback type back pack out, comfy as! About 25 bucks for the small one, which fits more than enough tackle if you use tackle trays like i do.

# STC Tapole Back Pack 15ltrs
# Rip Stop Polyester
# Duraflex Buckles
# Rain Cover
# Wide Mouth Hydration Bladder
# Fully Lined

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I was just looking at those

Tue, 2006-12-05 22:22

I was just looking at those in the shimano catalogue. I used to use a bum bag style tackle bag for when I went walking but it really couldn't hold enough tackle. I like the look of these shimano ones and the fact that it has a bladder means I don't need to carry water. I might have to get one for when I'm treking up the creeks at low tide. Looks good and well priced too.

Jay Burgess