B744V 10-pin to axiom pro 11-pin? Possible?

 Hi fellas, 

New to this forum, hopefully I'll be able to contribute in helping others as I've been helped in other forums. 

Hoping someone had come across this before. I am currently updating my electronics and have a furuno Airmar B744V transducer and would like to keep it if possible with my new axiom pro RVX. I'm hoping the following:


1- it can be done and this transducer is capable with the axiom pro RVX

2- I don't see any adapter cables for 10 to 11 pin, if I have to splice then so be it ,but trying to avoid it. 

3-if this transducer isn't compatible with the axiom pro RVX ,thru means of a simple adapter or splice, then is there a similar(size, power, etc)transducer I can drop in to the current slot so I'm not doing any additional fabrication? 


Thanks in advance!

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Im sure it would be compatible

Wed, 2019-10-30 16:28

I had a B744 on my old Furuno NavNet setup. Installed 2x Garmin 7410xsv's and cut the Furuno plug off and connected to the new Garmins via the Garmin wire block. Im sure you can do the same.

This looks like the one. www.bluebottlemarine.com/products/airmar-junction-box-for-raymarine-11-pin.html

In regards to swpping out the B744, the chirp equivelent is the Airmar B765LH/M as it has the same 51mm shaft diameter which will fit the existing larger hole. www.airmar.com/productdescription.html

All the new 1kw fairing thru hulls have the smaller 33mm shaft.

Otherwise any of the Airmar flushmount 1kw transdcucers will retrofit the B744 cut out with a new hole as they are all bigger than the B744.

Either way the B744 is a great 50/200kHz tranny for under 80m so I would be giving it a shot on the Axiom first with the wire block.

What boat is it going in?


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 Thank you for the quick

Wed, 2019-10-30 21:02

 Thank you for the quick reply!


The boat is a 2001 Grady White Sailfish(282). I'm currently running a furuno FCV-627 hooked up to a B744V 10 pin....which is located on my transducer flat with no fairing. Surprisingly enough I read bottom very very well to around 40 mph. and very very happy with the results of the B744V.. I'm upgrading to the axiom pro series and was hoping to still be able to use this tranny until I'm ready to upgrade to the RV 220s In a year or so.  I'll be scrapping the FCV 627 during this process. 


So just so I know that I understand this correctly. I could buy that raymarine junction box and hook up my 10 pin (or you mean cut the 10pin plug off and replace with which plug?) To the box and as well connect my axiom pro to the box as well and I should be able to utilize the B744V? I'm a little new when it comes to plugs, tranny wiring etc so bear with me. 

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 Double check with the

Thu, 2019-10-31 20:17

 Double check with the supplier but yes, thats what i did with my Garmins and what is commonly done. Cut the furuno plug off, wire it in to the block then plug the block into your Axiom. 


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