Any up to date advice for landbased fishing Bremer Bay

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I've done the search on here for Bremer Bay and got some usefull information, but it all seems a couple or so years old. I'm heading down in July (4 - 11) and I guess it should be reasonably busy with the school holidays and all but I'm keen to get some fishing in. Anyone been down there fishing land based recently and would like to share their experiences fishing. I've got a 4WD so I can access pretty much anywhere (hopefully). I hear Forsters Beach is a goer but can be tough going getting in and out but then again that info was from some years old posts.

I would love to get the misso on to a salmon from the rocks or beach if they are still hanging around down that way..


Thanks in advance, cheers.

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Bremer Bay

Sun, 2020-06-07 11:14

 Just got back from BB on friday. Plenty of BIG salmon at Short Beach. We (missus and I) caught them up to 10.5lb.  Us local mulies available at fishing co-op. Fishing from either end of beach, closest to town is best as salmon get holed up inside reef.  Fishing for about 2 hrs before high tide was our best results. Just make sure you bleed em straight away and eat them same day. We did em in Panko crumbs and they were beautiful. Alternatively there are PLENTY of herring and small skippy (with the odd salmon thrown in) from commercial jetty at harbour.  Good luck.

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Sun, 2020-06-07 13:09

 Thanks Bear, great news with the salmon still being around. hopefuly they will be there still in 4 weeks time. cheers..

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I think you might be here

Wed, 2020-06-10 14:48

Salmon fishing was good but has dropped away. A lot of undersize or just size salmon on Dillon Bay. We need a bit of weather to stir things up. There was some blood on the beach where a slamon or two had been bled at Short Beach this morning (june 10) but nothing when I got there at 9.00am. They have been sparse at Short for at least three days. I don't go down to Fosters but it is the most reliable when easier beaches are quiet. I will just switch to herring and yellow eye mullet until the salmon drift back in. I have not seen any big salmon schools but someone reckoned there was a huge school out past the breakers at Dillon Bay last week (I can't attest to the voracity of this statement though).

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Cheers Dogfish

Wed, 2020-06-10 15:04

 Thanks for the info mate. I'll be happy with with a few herring and some squid if the salmon aren't around. Years ago I caught some cracking sized squid over at House Beach. I sat on the rocks and had a whiting on a squid spike under a mirrored float and it was one after the other. A nice day out, sitting there with a six pack and had to do bugger all work for them. We will be there for a week so will hit the beaches up each day and do some exploring.