Airport Bash

Was planning an overnighter up at the Jones river but the 25km trek across Sherlock bay to the mouth from Samson isn't looking so good now that the wind has blown up :(

Good reports of barra from Airport creek has prompted us to try closer to home and the shorter run across nickol bay looks a bit more inviting.

Looks like we'll still be spending the night but I don't know how much sleep we'll be getting. Really keen to try some surface lures at night for barra!

I'll let you know how we go tomorrow.

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Good luck

Fri, 2007-01-26 10:11

Good luck Jay, hope to see some big barra pics tomorrow. :)


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good luck

Fri, 2007-01-26 10:38

When I was living in Karratha we generally did well out of airport creek.Hope ya get into the Barra mate and the threadfin salmon as well.Awsome stuff on light gear.

Cheers OX

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It turns out the howling

Sat, 2007-01-27 15:58

It turns out the howling westerly was even worse than we expected so we ended up spending the night down fields creek (opposite side of nickol bay) which is about half the distance.

Did really well on mud crabs with about 6 really good size muddies kept and about 4 smaller ones released. Also got a couple of blue mannas to mix it up a bit.

Fishing was on the slow side. Water is really quite cool for this time of year. We had to work really hard for mullet and even when we had good bait in the water not much was happening.

Saw a couple of other locals down there who had a bit more experience with fields creek and they were saying it was really quiet and it is generally a bit better (usually get 1 or 2 barra).

Managed to pick up half a dozen decent estuary and malabar cod off a nice rock bar that will be nice for dinner tonight with the muddies.

Aparantly Airport has been firing lately with one guy bagging 4 barra a while back.

If the weather is good we should be heading up the Jones river in a fortnight or so and if we can get in we should be in a much better chance at some barra. Hopefully this wind dies down and the water temps pick up!

Got some pics to come.

Time for a bundy :)

Jay Burgess