Zmans and TT Jigheads!

 We’ve just received a couple of boxes loaded with Z-Man soft plastics and TT Headlocks Jigheads and they’ve just hit the shelves!

We’ve extended our range of Z-Mans, adding quite a few new styles and further adding a lot more colours! We now hold the Jerk ShadZ, Diezel MinnowZ, Slim SwimZ, StreakZ, GrubZ, Scented PaddlerZ, and EZ ShrimpZ...

The Z-Man soft plastics are tougher than most, being super stretchy they give you the opportunity to catch multiple fish on one plastic! Matched up to a Headlocks Jighead, which secures the plastic to the weighted head firmly, preventing the soft plastic from being pulled off, furthermore catching you more fish with less plastic changing!


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