selling custom stainless fishing rack + accessories.

im selling a custom made stainless jetski fishing rack. is made to fit 90 ltr esky which it comes with or can use smaller esky with fuel cans. this one is customised to fit 2x plano style tackle trays on one side. has cage / holder for flare container which it comes with aswell as in date flares. also has GME EPIRB with gps attached. (registration will need to be changed) aswell as 5x rod holders with cables and clips to secure rods. all is only 6 months old. rack also comes with mounts to clamp to jetski. these dont rope down like the others. it comes with specially made brackets with stainless turnbuckles so no dodgy mounting like some of the other brands i seen. the rack alone cost $1400, even more with flares, epirb and trays. was made by mm stainless in qld. selling for $1000 including the accessories. located in middle swan. advertised elsewhere.