Bunbury Crabs

Went out in the Bay of Bunbury this morning the water was smoothe as silk cloudy sky a big thunder storm coming in from the West put our Crab nets out and trolled along the old Wooden Wharf plenty of fish on the sounder but no strikes on the Gold Twisty. We managed 2 nice size Hering before we decided to pull the nets. First pull we got 3 under sized which went back then the rain came down there was lightning thunder rain but no wind, rain was falling straight down it was nice on the water but it felt real eerie.The rain stoped so we checked the nets again we got 2 keepers the Crabs were very scarce I thought I would at least pick up a dozen. After more rain and 3 hours of trying we called it quits we had just 3 size Crabs which we put back as it was'nt worth the efort to boil the water. I'm heading out deep in a couple of days to target bigger fish so I hope things will be better in the fish department.

Cheers Kev