***ANNOUNCEMENT *** NOR v SOR Comp Postponement - New date 9th June 2007

After much discussion with the SOR hosts for the first leg of the NOR v SOR comp we have decided in the best interests of everyone being able to organise their weekends with a bit of forewarning, to postpone the SOR leg to 9th June. The weather this weekend is looking decidedly woefull and local knowledge suggests that a strong southerly combined with a 3m plus swell will not be conducive to an enjoyable day on the water. Whilst the sound may have presented a viable alternative, this is a blue water event and our strong preference is to have it as such.

It is unfortunately impossible to satisfy everyone with a substitite date however I have received several PM's from skippers who cannot make the 2nd due to long weekend activities and accordingly we have elected to target the 9th June instead. NOR comp will be the 16th June.

Those who have already paid their entry donations for the SOR event will be reimbursed if you cannot make the actual day. A reminder that all entry donations go straight to the prize pool anyway.

At this stage I can confirm the following prize pool is on offer over the three rounds:

Main perpetual trophy and huge bragging rights for the overall champion angler over the three legs (South/North/Swan).
Trophy for champion angler SOR event
Trophy for champion angler NOR event
2 x Fishwrecked shirts
2 x Fishwrecked tanktops
2 x Fishwrecked beanies
$500 worth of tackle vouchers courtesy of Oceanside Tackle & Marine O'Connor
$500 worth of tackle vouchers courtesy of Compleat Angler Rockingham
$250 towards more vouchers or specific tackle courtesy of Mandurah Pest Control
$250 worth of tackle vouchers courtesy of Compleat Angler Joondalup
share of a $100 cash prize for best fish photo/movie posted from the events featuring a fishwrecked beanie. (That's $50 for each comp North and South.)
4 x $25 vouchers for a "Great Steak" meal at Hogsbreath Cafe Mindarie
Voucher for a deep tissue massage courtesy of our very own Alfred
Several cleaning equipment packages valued at approx $100 each
And the list is still growing.

Allocation of the prizes to species categories will be done on the days of the comp based on what is weighed in. We are hopeful of having an even spread of prizes between the comps but this is still a little up in the air as new sponsors come on board and add to the prize pool and entry donations in the NOR comp are added to the prize pool as well.

Apologies on behalf of the organising comittee for the postponement but in the interests of safety (even though this is an enter at your own risk event) and in the interests of trying to satisfy the majority of anglers the SOR event will now be held on 9th June weather permitting.

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Andy Mac (Fishwrecked Reeltime Editor & Forum Moderator)

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