Warnbro Sunset

Warnbro Sunset

Went down with the family to watch the sunset over Warnbro Sound tonight. Made me realize how much I need to go fishin.

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chuck a sickie ang go mate,

Tue, 2008-01-01 20:31

chuck a sickie ang go mate, you only live once

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Tue, 2008-01-01 20:34

Brilliant colours tonight.
I agree with Brad, dust off those cobwebs Tim.

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Tue, 2008-01-01 20:37

No need for a sickie as Im off till the 29th. Problem is Im stuck at home looking after the kids while the missus works. All sorted from the 11th tho so will have to make up for it in the last 2 1/2weeks off.

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I was hoping someone got a

Wed, 2008-01-02 07:33

I was hoping someone got a pic of it.

At one stage there was a red rainbow aswell because it was sprinkling in our area!!!!!


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Great pic

Wed, 2008-01-02 12:42

Thats a nice pic. Blow it up at frame it i reckon.
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Great colours

Wed, 2008-01-02 13:51

Yeah, as Tailor Marc said, that would look great on the wall


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Magic sunset

Fri, 2013-11-08 11:50

Magic sunset, thats what it's all about.