Stonefish Schooling Dirk Hartog

Stonefish Schooling Dirk Hartog

Old photo from back in October 2012, all caught straight in front of the site where 'The Shack' on Dirk Hartog island was before demolition.

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very unerving if you decided

Sun, 2016-02-07 18:37

very unerving if you decided to wadde in for a flick

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Sun, 2016-02-07 18:58

Great photo and timely reminder about what lurks in the shallows where you might not expect it.


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I think the final count was

Sun, 2016-02-07 20:34

I think the final count was 12 all collected at low tide with gaffs buried in the sand, all released a safe distance from camp.

The previous day we rolled in with a boats full of camping gear and a few beers under the belt and set about unloading the boats in fading light unaware of the potential peril underfoot.

Pretty sure they commute between the rocky shallows and sand as the tide changes, otherwise there were 8 very lucky fishermen as they were everywhere when we attempted to board the boats early the next morning crossing the same grounds as the day before.


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One of the scariest things i

Sun, 2016-02-07 21:23

One of the scariest things i ever saw was after wading through the muddy water in hedland for about 3 hrs, first throw for bait and up came about 3 stonefish!!

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 Holy shit balls. I've done

Mon, 2016-02-08 07:09

 Holy shit balls. I've done that "wade" over fifty times barefoot 

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 Wow! Great pic. 

Mon, 2016-02-08 08:22

 Wow! Great pic. 


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 Jeepers !!!  when you say

Wed, 2016-03-23 13:34

 Jeepers !!!


 when you say demolished shack... are you talking about withnell point??

im headed there soon

ill be sure to keep the sneakers on !!!