Powerlines fun

Powerlines fun

 just uploading this picture of my Brothers fourbie in a rather unfortunate predicament at the powerlines last year......


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that can't be good.

Sat, 2012-02-04 20:26

Good to see someone is still happy enough to give you a wave!

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Should have stuck to the lawn.

Sat, 2012-02-04 20:37

 and the shopping centre kerbs.hehehehehePowered by Victa hey so he went for the engine uprade Just razzing.Not a good spot to be in no matter what you drive.


So tell me have you got your info from years on the water or hours on the internet?

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 he does the stupidest things

Sat, 2012-02-04 21:08

 he does the stupidest things in it. gotten it almost sunk a number of times. Must be the Victa under the bonnet!


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Hope he didn't contract

Sat, 2012-02-04 22:47

Hope he didn't contract gingervitis

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looks like

Sat, 2012-02-04 22:53

that Italian sea captain has been 4WDing too

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oh my

Sun, 2012-02-05 01:17

a nissan....................

typical story

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Lol gotta love the power line

Sun, 2012-02-05 07:26

Lol gotta love the power line track

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that could have ended a lot

Sun, 2012-02-05 10:22

that could have ended a lot worse.    lucky. 


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