mason with a double .exxie newyear 09

mason with a double .exxie newyear 09

spent ten days in exxie over newyear .didnt do much serious fishing at all .was more of the family thing and realy enjoyed it to .spent most days actualy every day at the bundegi boat ramp swimming around with my kids .we did drop a few wasabi bait jigs down by the pylons with a few yellow tail bream and a bat fish caught.the ramp itself is not to bad a set up but could be a bitch if the wind swirled up a bit .which realy goes for all ramps .

i had some real bad car trouble [harmonic balancer] went about 100kms on the way in to exxie .so had to drive like 50kmh [waterpump not spinning] in and out of town to the lighthouse van park till after the xmas newyear holiday as the were no mechanics working.tried renting a car nup,the RAAF base had all 35 plus rentals from the big 3 rental hears the plugg to "Ningaloo automotive repairs" .they got the car fixed and were very helpful.price wise well it is exmouth but i could still stand after handing over the credit card .thanks guys .so after that little destress had been put to bed ,,, chillsville once again .

the 2 times i did actualy try and catch a fish i got 2 firsts .1 being a just size red emperor on a soft plastic on 15 lb string.the other my first sail fish first drop when bottom bouncing in 30 m guessing he might of gone just 10 kilo .he did go balistic at the surface which was great especialy when he had a circle hook right in the corner of the gob i was confident the hook was staying put.was funny watching the sail jump around with a 8 oz sinker smacking the poor little bugger in the him aboard Jack took a few happy snaps then we swam him till the fiesty little bugger crunched me and off he went.all in all was a great little was a shame to leave

cheers mitch

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sounds good

Sat, 2009-01-10 15:39

Sounds like you had a good trip over mate, except the car dramas.  Spewing we didn't get to catch up but I had the cuzzy bro's in town which made it harder.  Will definately have a coldie when you're over here next, guessing that must be gamex? 


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yep at a guess it will be

Sat, 2009-01-10 15:48

yep at a guess it will be gamex mate.unless i get a leave pass and come and jump in that tinnie of yours and try out my new 80 wide on a "snorting crazed blue gardy"
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Pity about the car

Sat, 2009-01-10 16:32

Buit it still sounds like you had an enjoyable time. Congrats on the firsts.
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