Nice day out from the cut. Haven't fish out there much. Seems to be very flat, not many lumps! We hung around a spot we got small bites, just pickers. I think bite time was around 10.30 / 11am, same spot we got a nice pink seeming out of the blue, next drift same spot a thumping big baldie 65cm! Then another pink and breaksea. Game over bite shut off we enjoyed a classic smooth ride in cold beverage in hand. Back for fish wings and backbone on the webber Q. Love it when it works out like that.

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 Well done. There is some

Sun, 2022-05-01 09:57

 Well done. There is some great spots out from mandurah with a lot of flat ground in between.  It's strange how the bite just turns on and off so quick . At least you got a few nice fish and a day out on t he water


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 Considering you don't fish

Sat, 2022-05-21 06:55

 Considering you don't fish out there much you can't complain with a catch like that, well done.