Fitzroy sunrise!

Fitzroy sunrise!

Just a sunrise from the fitz about a month ago !

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cracking pic!

Sun, 2011-11-06 22:04

cracking pic!

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Awsome pic

Sun, 2011-11-06 23:06

Captured the moment very well, nice pic,

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nice shot

Sun, 2011-11-06 23:40

nicely constructed shot.

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Awesome pic dude!

Mon, 2011-11-07 06:42

Awesome pic dude!

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quite a scenic river that one

Mon, 2011-11-07 06:45

quite a scenic river that one and a great pic to capture it. Any fish biting?

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Mon, 2011-11-07 07:02

Nice pic mate.

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Great shot!!

Mon, 2011-11-07 09:28

Great shot!!


My photography pictures...



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Awesome shot Vinnie! The

Mon, 2011-11-07 10:09

Awesome shot Vinnie! The mirror image of the silhouette tree really makes it. You dont notice it at first, but then pick it up.


(Would be nicer larger and without aggressive compression. Got another version?)

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Cheers guys !The photo still

Mon, 2011-11-07 17:40

Cheers guys !The photo still does not capture the beauty of it though.


Tim it was very hard work, we landed 15 (55-86) over 4 days some other people did not land 1 unfortunatly! I will post some trip pics when i get off my ass.


Hlokk yeh i have a fullscale version i wasnt sure about the upload sizes, i will upload a better one.