Cracked my Two Rocks Cherry

Cracked my Two Rocks Cherry

After cancelling a short trip to Dongara during the week, I decided to give Two Rocks a crack having never fished there before.  Lately all I've seemed to be catching is undersized Dhuies and supersized Sargeant Bakers out of Woodies so something different was in order, plus I was hoping to pickup a decent Baldie.  Searching through the Fishwrecked history and armed with some "public" waypoints I was keen to give it a go and make the 85km trip from home in the hills.

There looked to be a good weather window during the middle of the day and the plan was to beat the Easter crowds by getting out Thursday and I did arrive to an empty ramp.  I can see why it would get busy though - not the best ramp around...

Truth be told the weather was crappy for the first 3 hours - howling easterly making for pretty ordinary conditions.  A very tough start - found some good looking ground with lots of fish marked on the sounder but nothing was interested.  Several jig and assist changes and not even a bite.  Then picked up an undersized Dhu (47cm), had a good bite and pulled up a half eaten squid on the assist hook??.  The weather backed off around 11.30 so I moved back to an earlier mark and within 15 minutes I boated a 63cm Pup that went into the esky, and then picked up a PB for me 83cm Dhu (pic) that went 21lb on the Boga's.  The big girl went back but was defiant - she kicked off the release weight and swam back under her own steam.  Watched her on the sounder swim down 15m before she drifted out of the sounder screen.

Trip was solo and the Mytho/Ryoga combo struck again.  Damiki backdrops accounted for the fish I did catch.

Headed back to the ramp where it was good to see fisheries doing their checks, couldn't have been a busy day for them though.

Worth the trip and not bad for a first time out in the area.  Not a lot of fish and no baldies, but a memorable fish caught and some success made it worthwhile.



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 Good work mate. 

Fri, 2015-04-03 13:04

 Good work mate. 

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 good effort haven't fished

Fri, 2015-04-03 15:46

 good effort haven't fished two rocks and probably on't for a while


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Good fish

Fri, 2015-04-03 16:07

Good fish there Broady,always worth a drive to Two Rocks mid week.

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mint pic

Fri, 2015-04-03 16:33

mint pic

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well done on the release mate

Fri, 2015-04-03 19:33

 top stuff... great pic.. 


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