Big Pigeon Island Houtman Abrolhos Islands WA

Big Pigeon Island Houtman Abrolhos Islands WA

Big Pigeon Island, Wallaby group, Houtman Abrolhos Islands, 54 Nmiles off Central West Coast Western Australia (Geraldton)...steer 295 - 301 degrees magnetic...

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This is where the big ones swim fellas!

Mon, 2006-02-13 23:34

I've been VERY fortunate to have visited these islands for probably most years of the last 10 or so years maybe 15 or so occasions - sometimes for work, sometimes for play - sometimes by boat sometimes by plane..or helicopter.

Last year 2005, my eldest lad lived here for 4 months of the Island Rock Lobster season..(March to June inclusive!).

I took our boat over with the family for a couple weeks in May - and then flew home leaving the boat on the mooring there for the young feller to have a play with, of an afternoon when he got home from cray fishing.

I flew back at the end of the season (June) and we drove the boat back home to Geraldton in 6 meter swell with a 1 meter sea on top..

There is no place on earth I've fished as good as this (possible exceptions, DHI in Shark bay, Burrup Penninsular, Flying Foam Passage, Delambre / Legendre Islands etc etc..

But - If I had a "choice" of somewhere to take the boat to fish this would be it!.


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Tue, 2006-02-14 16:13

MMMMate, feel free to share as many images like that as you like. Love them!!!


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