Videos from my Broome Trip

Here are some of the videos I took in Broome, my mate ben is doing the fishing most of the time. I always say i just come along as his camera man.. haha. Might be a few F bombs so there is your warning if your worries about that kind of stuff.


This first vid is of one of the first few tuna we caught for the trip, we were pretty rapped to get it in as the camera ran out of memory about 2 seconds after we got the fish in. You can here me trying to tell ben to "just get it up: at the end. haha


This vid is of anothe tuna that had been sharked abit earlier in life, shot with my ipone4


This vid is of one of the many sharks we caught in Broome..


This vid is of the huge school of queenies we spent hours casting at on the last day, had the light gear out... was heaps of fun.


This vid is of one of the many double hookups we had at the queenie school. Sorry about the camera work, its not easy fighting a fish and filming it at the same time.


Hope you enjoy guys!!!