Various items for FREE SHED CLEAN OUT

 Shed and garage clean out upon wife's orders.

1- cressi 1400 spear gun, 2 spears, rubber and bridle perfect. GONE

2- car cover (blue) 

3- sand anchor, chain, reef anchor, heap of rope

4- 2x crab scoops 

5- mask, snorkel and fins, never used

6- prawn hand net for diving

7- rod storage rack 



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Update spear gun, anchors,

Sun, 2021-10-24 09:56



spear gun, anchors, chain and rope are gone.

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You shouldn't give in...

Mon, 2021-10-25 13:19

 so easily!!


"what am I going to do with all this if anything happens to you....??"  

All us old fisherMEN are hearing it.... all the bl**dy time....


my response is to go to her wardrobeS and ask the same questions....

along with...

" If I get rid of all this and something happens to you....  I'll have to buy it all agin..!!  "


STill... if they were not complaining they prob'ly wouldnt be talking to us.. !!!

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 I got lucky with my wife her

Mon, 2021-10-25 18:53

 I got lucky with my wife her wardrobe is quite sensible compared to some Queens. 

I can't complain as it's all stuff I haven't used in years and likely never will.

I have a green light to do whatever I want and my wife very rarely says no so I am happy to concede every now and then.


during the garage clean up she found the Zipwake kit that I had hidden in the shed, yeah that went down well, told her not to google the kit as it won't result in a happy ending, she googled it and I got in trouble. Not for buying it but for keeping it a secret.

beg for forgiveness not permission, that's what my dad always taught me.

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your dad....

Wed, 2021-10-27 08:02


... gave you good advice.