Tsunami Bullseye / Cheapy rods

Hey guys im looking at getting one of these Tsunami rods from kmart they look the goods was wondering if they are or not or is there other decent  cheap rods around just a replacement til i get my Shimano Catana Fixed

Thanks guys Kyleh3110

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 good rods for the price,

Thu, 2011-08-18 04:09

 good rods for the price, other option is bcf theres a 15% off all rods and they have the sss v2 shimano rods which will be about the same budget as the bullseye, good luck!

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Agree with Dicey, that would

Thu, 2011-08-18 09:23

Agree with Dicey, that would be a better choice. My mate uses a bulleye tsunami rod, I quite like it but as compare to SSS, I think SSS is much better. Also, it depends whether you want two pieces or one. Bulleyes only comes in one piece.