Stella 8000SW and samurai jig 10 to the challenge

Well for the first tome true tested, but to now joy. Still fun so though share some of the fun, and disappear.


Mrs decided after 20mins to get the camera on.



Run baby run!!

still running, bloody hell what is it!!



Gaining the upper hand, me think!!!



Dont speak so soon.





Cant realy see it but bimini to cats paw to Richter swivel (ar almost $9 bucks a pop intact, 80lb leade sruffed through. 45minute stuffed. Must have been a noah of some size, but fought like a GT with incredible durable runs, never came to the surface. Was a snell drift righ with a stomping fat mulie on it aiming for throut. Water deeper than 12m (18exact) in we skull grad them away from Taxman.

Still wont forget the smooth as sild drag on the stell and the great curve in the Samurai. Awsome combo and sore for the no flash fill. MRS just points and shoot.




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