Sort of fishing related.......scallop and seafood pies

Got bored sitting around so I raided the freezer, kilo of scallops, kilo of shark bay king prawns and a couple of kilos of coral trout fillets.......add a rich moray sauce .....encase in pastry and seafood pies galore.

Apple and rhubarb pies for sweets.

Where else but west Oz


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 Can smell them from here

Sun, 2020-03-29 14:58

 Can smell them from here Gordon 


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 Damn they look good ,top

Sun, 2020-03-29 15:17

 Damn they look good ,top knotch ingredients  in them too ,nice work 


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Sun, 2020-03-29 15:43

 Man oh man.......thats living favourite meal and you are making me drool with    ..  Enjoy 

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With ingrediants like that

Sun, 2020-03-29 16:05

You would put the Miami pie shop to shame, and that would take a hell of a lot of doing but I think you have done it with those pies.

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Sun, 2020-03-29 16:09

Dang a Lang, they look miiiiighty fine. Please tell me you're having double cream AND ice cream with dessert!  


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Yup, cream and ice cream

Sun, 2020-03-29 16:18

Won't do my waistline any good but  

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 Salivating now, best go thaw

Mon, 2020-03-30 08:12

 Salivating now, best go thaw a couple of crays for tonight.



Tom M

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 gees Gordon , anyone can put

Mon, 2020-03-30 17:57

 gees Gordon , anyone can put some ingredients together and throw them in a pie maker.

but they sound and look great, certainly would go down better than the food im getting at the moment. keep on cooking and making our mouths water


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