Quobba / Red Bluff advice


Heading up the coast again - been years since I visited the quobba coast and last time, in 2002, I fished Gnaraloo by boat with a little bit of beach work, now to try my new love/interest - High Speed Spin & Ballooning..... 

Im booked into Red Bluff late Jan for 4 days and am planning to take only limited gear: prob just taking three rods and reels: a high speed spin outfit (with a cliff gaff and some metelsl/high speed hard bodies ie Halco Max's etc); a beach beach/bottom bouncing/bait outfit; and finally, a baitcasting combo.......

I'll be using this first visit to Quobba/Red bluff in Jan as a scouting exercise mainly for my 'proper' trip with the boys in late march, for which I'll be taking a ballooning outfit as well, plus freezers and range of gear that only makes it on a blokes only trip such as harnesses and lots of cold grog. On this second trip I'm booked into Quobba h/stead and we're taking a small tinny as well.

Is anyone able to offer me some advice: differant locations for spinning/ballooning/beach/etc; also accessability and any spots that are more dangerous than others (especially for this first trip whilst on my own)?

Heard of Camp Rock, Garths, Red bluff, The Caves, 2 mile and 17 miles and that they are 'good' but dont really know much about these spots specifically - other than knowing the name of the spots....

Anyway Gents any advice would be great?

What are late Jan and Late March like up there for fishing results and accessability to spots?

Also Gents, When I take gas up there in March, any advice on gas bottle size and how to tie the balloon to the line (i know the general rig but was wondering how to tie the balloon on ie knot or elastic band etc?)? And, how close can you get your 4WD vehicle to the main ballooning spots (wondering how far i'll need to carry the gas bottle, or how far to walk back to fill each balloon etc)?  (Figure i could also tie off my harness and rope to the car whilst gaffing, having done that at steep before - thoughts?) 

Thanks crew.