Pink Snapper Madness

So after reading all the posts, listening to all of the general hysteria on the street & having favourable tides I thought I would go out & see for myself the waters of Cockburn sound bubbling with Pink Snapper. We headed out at 17:00 & joined the throng of 20 or so boats at what I'm guessing is the Gravel Patch or where someone stopped for a leak before being surrounded by other boats. Long story short we headed in at 00:00 without as much of a single bite & by the looks nobody else was doing any better. Could see plenty of fish on the sounder but no action, how did everyone else go?   

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We got 10 kept 2, 1 bustoff

Thu, 2011-09-29 11:15

We got 10 kept 2, 1 bustoff and about 4 dropped. If all the peanuts at the d9 decided to search around a little bit instead of following everyone else I'm sure they would have done aswell as we did. Don't understand the herd mentallity, the sound is alot bigger than just the 50m2 at the d9. We were about 2km away from the d9, I luv seeing 50+ boats in the one spot, means I'm definitiely not going there and theres less chance of the cowboys coming over to me (1 boat). ahhhhh the serenity......

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 Although, I wasn't at the D9

Thu, 2011-09-29 11:57

 Although, I wasn't at the D9 I'm pretty sure that you just called me a peanut cause I was in another herd, but that's alright, thanks for the tip. Leave the herd.

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Sounds a lot like our night

Thu, 2011-09-29 11:58

Sounds a lot like our night last friday in the same area, 2 rays thats it, what a hoax haha


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Me thinks Surfer enjoyed

Thu, 2011-09-29 12:19

Me thinks Surfer enjoyed writing that post just a leetle bit 


*edit* was meant to be a new post rather than a reply

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sorry santh,i shouldnt call

Thu, 2011-09-29 12:25

sorry santh,

i shouldnt call people names. To be honest I fell into the same trap one day last week were i followed the herd and i sat there with everyone esle for 4 hours not catchin anything. I figured if I was a snapper I'd be fairly spooked by 50+ boats = 50+anchors = 50+ lots of noise etc.... thats when i decided to go looking further away from all the commotion  and hey's taken about an hour of sounding everyday to find them but they've been farily close to the same area i said b4 about 2km away from the d9......15m+depth.

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Peanut gallery

Thu, 2011-09-29 13:00

Me and the other peanut aboard my boat had a very enjoyable day at the D9 admiring the crowd bulding, we came home with a nice size pink.

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i went out deep

Thu, 2011-09-29 13:15

Nowhere near the sound and all we caught was Snapper. Brought two home and left the other half dozen back in the drink for next time. Nothing massive but good feed for a few nights. Under less than an hour fishing there before moving on for dhui's - which we didnt get! They seemed to be the only thing biting yesterday. Didn't target them at all, they found us. Snapper for me = outside the sound!

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Theres more than one spot in the sound to catch a fish !

Thu, 2011-09-29 15:43

we anchored just off the old mussell strings and had a blinder the snapper ! .Sounder was near on solid at one point . . Caught about 14 fish in 1 hour half smallest going 6kg and biggest  just over 10 kg. - also 2 gummys and a 14.2 kg mulloway .

Back at the ramp by 7:30 P.m

Best part about it was didn't have to berley up ! - check your sounder and you'll find them . Cant understand why everyone would go to the gravel patch and carve  it up by dropping over 150+ anchors into it and expect it to be good next time .


yeah I'm with you Oracle . Would go out wide and get whatever you like and not have the Bu$#*Sh*t of having everyone ontop of you . 






If everyone concentrated on the best things in life .... There would definately  be a shortage of Fishing Rods !!!

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well said 'fishnguru' i did

Thu, 2011-09-29 16:34

well said 'fishnguru' i did the same on wed and killed it. just off the boats at d9 and the patch saw them all there and thought bugger it so sounded for 5 minutes and found a school hangin 200m from all the other boats and from all the reports no-one in the group got any, where as i got bored and moved on. to many snapper can spoil a good days fishin......what a pest. my golden rule is never ever go near another boat unless its on your spot or the waters boiling be cheaky and follow down their burley trail a bit and have a sound hehehehehehe little evil but it works!!! hey did any one else have an issue with the bities eatin everything that was in the water to long????

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Fri, 2011-09-30 21:31


Was this years Cockburn snapper season...

And I ain't talking about the hot bites.

No I'm talking it should've been OPEN SEASON ON WOOD DUCKS.  

Yeah we got a few fish that put up a fight but the biggest fights we got were from weekend warrior wood ducks that think the fish only swim under our boat and anchor up so close that every line (including anchors) were tangled....

Then comes the ABUSE,  both on the water and not...

Now I'm not saying I own the ocean.

But a bit of common sense and even a bit of courtesy wouldn't go astray.

Give way to the boats anchored there.

And ASK if it's OK to fish close (most times they'll let ya in)

Don't make lots of noise ( IT SCARES FISH OFF )

I fish to relax, and I enjoy being on the water, I don't really care if I catch anything that's just a bonus,

but having to watch out for other boats while I'm on anchor takes that relaxing feeling away.  



So please have a little respect for your fellow fisherman, they're just trying to have fun too...








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Leave the breeding snapper

Fri, 2011-09-30 21:55

Easy, leave the breeding snapper alone I say...

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Well Said Steve

Fri, 2011-09-30 22:01

Got to agree with you there mate !


Lifes a game but fishing is serious !!!

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yep this evening i copped ppl

Sat, 2011-10-01 00:57

yep this evening i copped ppl casting lines within 2mts of my boat and 1 person cast directly at a mate i had on board and then was swiftly retrieved snapping some of our gear off. i must admit i was guilty of a fair bit of foul language towards the ppl who didnt give a rats about our safety or our small personal fishing space eg within 5mts of the back of the boat where everyone normally fishes. to top it off , 1 idiot, 1 know who u r!, cast his line directly at the boat tangling ur line up and stealing our fish just because u have stronger line and i knew it was hooked on our gear so i let u try do the honest thing by landing our fish and then u take it for yourself, your a jealous person who 1 day will choke on the fish u steal from ppl. im gonna find more honey pots away from the retards and catch plenty without this rubbish happening......yeah i got lippy but u would have felt the same if u were on the fish and knew how to bring em to the boat, try berley and fish close to your own boat !!!!!!! :) nuff said



Catchn dhuies off the smell of an oily rag :)

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Shocker mate......!!!!!!!!!

Sat, 2011-10-01 02:50

Shocker mate......!!!!!!!!! Some people are not meant to be in the water! Respect to you, I would have been outa the boat swimming to theirs, choking their outboard with frustration!!!


Every day at the Beach is a Good day!

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Sat, 2011-10-01 01:06




Catchn dhuies off the smell of an oily rag :)

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 seen it a few times myself

Sun, 2011-10-02 02:08

 seen it a few times myself pretty funny when u got 30 boats plus on top of each other getting dick all. been headin out past five fathom lately and north  behind the reefs etc  few good waypoints around and usually wont see another boat while every dicks rubbing cocks on the gravel patch or d9 been getting nice big skips which i been targeting on ultra light gear. makes for great fun whilst leavin the spawning snaps alone.