mandurah fishin

I went fishin on boxing day to mandurah at the dorcil cut, such a relxing fishing spot, the rocks are great of sitting on and the best thing is you can see the fish! there was this particular fish which used to swim by just 1 or 2 or of schools of 20!! its like silver with a black tail..looked like a decent catch but with no luck, any ideas on what those fish were and how i can catch them?

also over christmas i gained 2 new rods which are vedy noice, needa get out there and start using em.

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sound like tailor there ham

Fri, 2006-12-29 06:11

sound like tailor there ham you can have a shot at them on lures or try a whole mulie CHEERS SHAG


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My bet would be Mullet. Dont

Fri, 2006-12-29 08:11

My bet would be Mullet. Dont bother trying to catch them as they generaly wont take a bait because there weed feeders. But if you do happen to catch one they make awsome live bait for Mullaway.

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I live in mandurah and go

Fri, 2006-12-29 08:23

I live in mandurah and go fishing ther ocasionally, lately we been catching alot of salmon troute thats what they also could be, u can see them take your lure, also could be taylor like shag said there thousands of them suprised you didnt catch any, i get me bag limit in the midle of the day in hallshead (not revieling my secret spot but) all around 35 - 40cm, but taylor love the smiley jacks so do salmon trout slices work realy good if thers a bit of weed in the current. but salmon troute take nealy anything so do taylor.

TIP: when fishing with slices and ther is a bit of weed around take the treble hook of and chuck a single hook on (66% less chance of hooking weed) or my faviroute 2 hooks with the hooks facing inwards so its like a egg shape and when the fish takes the lure the hooks go outwards and hook the fish in both side of the mouth. gives u bigger hookup rate.