Last night shift before fishing trip

Gday guys

just letting you know that I will be off for the next month dragging the boat down from Pardoo to Leeman.Planning to stop at 3 or 4 places on the way down.Will be with family who are mad fishers as well. Looking forward to a big feed of chilly mud crabs and black dew .Will be fishing creeks and up to 20 mile out on some waypoints I havnt used for awhile.I will try and post photos when I get back but have no luck with bloody cameras lately.PS dont panic Im not a esky filler I just take enough for a feed .



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Lucky bugger

Mon, 2007-09-24 21:56

This work business sucks it's getting in the way of my addiction , good luck on the trip


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solly im in the know

Tue, 2007-09-25 01:29

solly im in the know .frizzza will get ya onto fish .wankers////////////// wish i was commmmn have a good one with tha missas and frisssaas betta halff .......hhhaahhaaahhaaahhaa. dont forget to pac the ear pluggs..
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Good one

Tue, 2007-09-25 08:22

Have a good one fellas, look foward to hearing how it all went. :)


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Thu, 2007-09-27 08:45


hows this for a story readers.

mitch won't be joining us for the trip so he goes to my place to pick up some sinker molds and while he is there he see's a bucket with sump oil in it (nearly full) and kicks over.
i'm supprised that he did'nt tip it in me boat.
he then rings me to explain that he thought it was water and needed a bucket.

anyway after our last trip to onslow between mitchs boat and mine we went through alot of lures and busted alot of trebble hooks(most were on the lures first drop)

so i have been searching for a stronger trebble and after receiving my mo tackle order last night i am more that impressed at the owner - stinger 66's that i order they are one tough looking trebble.

for your standard 150mm to 190mm deep diver i reccomend a 1/0 (i am running 2/0's) but i wanted the extra strength and wasnt sure on the size of the trebbles when i ordered them.
they are definitly an instant upgrade hook.

another option is the single hook (mitch has been running these for quite some time so i will let him elaborate on them.) 

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Yeah frizz there great

Thu, 2007-09-27 08:57

Yeah frizz there great trebles those 66's i run them on most of my trolling lures and smaller poppers and ive only had 1 straighten so far on a sizable mackie which i was given it heaps on so well worth the investment IMO.

PS: Good luck on ya trip solly try get into them.

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yeah well i didnt know it

Thu, 2007-09-27 13:30

yeah well i didnt know it was oil till it was making a nice little mess right behind ya boat .or should i say big mess!!!!!!!!!.
those stingers sound like the go frizz.might have to get a few .i do like the singles though.especialy on the back of the lure you probably get less hook ups with them but when hooked you rarely drop a fish.ive been using owner hooks "gorrilas"  i think there called.they are one heavey duty hook.its a bit fiddly to get them on as they are a very fat gauge hook and i recomend going up in size on the split ring as they have to open a fair way .if you use small splits they tend to stretch a bit and dont close up properly .put together with a meaty swivel i reckon youve got the ability to hold some serious fish .
what got me onto the idea was a short vid  i saw of people poppering for sail fish .the singles were run of the backj of the popper and once hooked they rarely spat the hook .thats jumping cartwheeling and all
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I might try that as well

Thu, 2007-09-27 13:35

I might try that as well mitch! I run singles on nearlly all my metals and less dropped fish is the result with me as well. Didnt think to try on other lures though......have you tried back to back singles? there the go for jumpers, salmon etc.

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nah i havnt spess.but have

Thu, 2007-09-27 13:53

nah i havnt spess.but have seen the set up your talking about.mostly only eva on metals .actualy it was a long long time ago on my late grandads metals he used for salmon
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