jigging today

 firstly thanks to the tackleshack for the great service in helping me choose a jigging combo on tuesday will defianteley shop there again.

went jiggin with craig on saltwater what a rush jigging is hhaha those sambos pull hard unfortuantely sharks can swim faster than we could wind i personally hooked 4 one getting sharked one just dropped of one the hook snapped/got bitten off and another was just a crap knot on my behalf (shall be practising soon haha). craig worked hard to find the hungry fish. we all got a little excited in the 90's with a 6 way hookup. 2 got landed 4 got sharked quickly pulled the pin. and headed in for some shallow water sambos 30m's with good results.

cant wait to get out for anothere crack

to some up all you shark boys 90+ is your ticket hahha one even followed an amber to the top we saw it dart back down as we just got the amber into the boat


i support two teams eagles and whoever is playing the dockers