green head/jurien bay

hey guys heading up to green head in two weeks time just woundering if any one has been there before as where new to the area. any information regarding the off shore area, also keen to do some diving around the reefs ,does anyone know if theres a marine park there and if spearfishing is allowed any info on the area would be greatly apprciated.cheers

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ill get my dad on here and

Mon, 2008-03-31 16:20

ill get my dad on here and hell tell you heaps about greenhead.


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Marine park

Tue, 2008-04-01 07:10

Yep there is a couple of marine park south of town.....Get onto the DPI website and download the map.


You will need a nav map to get out from the main ramp, unless you are a good navigator and can read markers. Fishing in close can be fantasic. lots of good lumps to drift over. Otherwise head out North west to the 30-36m line...particularly good north of town where there is a couple of areas with nice drop-offs.


Behind Fishermens Island is also a look....just keep a eye out for bommies and breaking swell.