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iam new to fishing is a low or a high tide better when fishing for bream and does anyone know where to catch big bream in the swan

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I started fishing for bream

Sun, 2007-01-28 20:23

I started fishing for bream in the last year and from my experience tide hasnt made a noticeable difference, some may say other wise. they definitely come closer in when the tides up and especially when its windy and overcast or the waters slightly murky.. If you can see spooky fish when its really bright and clear those are good times to come back. For finding new spots i used google earth to check out all the jetties bridges yacht clubs etc in the river and decide on at least a couple of locations before you go if there not biting at one spot try another... id guess that all the bigger structures in the river provide shelter and food for big fish at some time or another.. They're meant to move upstream in summer and down in winter, but they seem quite spread out at the moment.


some bream i caught..

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I like to fish a rizing tide

Mon, 2007-01-29 09:16

I like to fish a rizing tide in the morning if possible, but saying that ive caught them all day just adapt to your conditions. Murky water use darker lures like browns, reds, golds etc and in clearer water use greens, blues and brighter colours. If its hot fish the banks with shady structure. Around belmont park is a perfict spot to walk around with a light stick and small pouch of lures or bait. Also now is perfect to get them on hard bodies like the laser pros, rmgs and baby vibes as the hot weather makes them more agressive. As for more spots see your local tackle dealer for the latest hot spots. Hope this has helped.

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rizing tides

Tue, 2007-01-30 16:04

thanks guys that was great advice hopefully now i will catch the big ones.cheers

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i say

Wed, 2007-01-31 20:02

1hour befor and 1 hour after high tide
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Thu, 2007-02-01 09:26

Sounds about right Sherbs. Also, I've noticed that they move up and down the river. In winter you seem to find the biggers ones in the lower haunts down Mossie Bay way as the often move from the fresh upstream (rain). The yahct clubs are a great place to start, seen some monster in amongst them.

Lately I've seen a few photos from up river (Maylands and further) of bream with red spots and sores and not looking very healthy at all, certainly wouldn't be keeping one from there!!!


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